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For as long as I can remember, the presence of a camera was just a given. One of my fondest family memories from my youth was when the slide or movie projector came out, and our early family history was shown and recollected.  At family gatherings and reunions, long before the invention of the camera phone, most every family member still had some sort of camera in hand (see photo on left...). And the staging of those requisite group photos... oy, what a production that was!  It got so crazy, that we eventually had to set a limit on how many cameras could be used for these shots.

While there always was a camera within reach as I was growing up, other than making sure the photo subject appeared somewhere in the viewfinder, I never really put too much thought into what I was shooting.  It has only been within the last several years in which I've made a determined effort to actually learn about photography. And there is so much to learn about photography!  It seems like I'm bookmarking a wonderful photography article or two or three daily, in the hopes that I'll eventually get around to read and learn more about this great hobby.


I am a teacher by trade.  Specifically, an Adapted Physical Education Specialist based in Northern California.  Taking in the unlimited beauty around us and taking pictures, in my spare time, is what brings me enjoyment. So if you're looking for someone to help capture a special moment in your life in a picture, please feel free to contact me!

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